American Flag Pallet


Sifting through Pinterest, as usual, I kept coming across all of these painted wood flags; they all looked so pretty & perfect, but honestly, who wants to nail a bunch of boards together? I’m not a big fan of that. So I took the easy way out. I went to the farm and picked up an old pallet and brought it home. That was MUCH easier. The hardest part was sawing the pallet in half. Andrew says I can’t use the skill saw without adult supervision and since he is never home early enough to supervise me, that means I had to saw it apart by hand.


You Will Need:

-1 wood pallet

-1 saw

-Red paint

-White paint

-Blue paint

-Star stencil

-Painters tape



-I didn’t cut the pallet in half until last, but it may be easier to do that first. So whichever way you choose, cut the pallet in half.

-Using the blue painter’s tape, tape off the blue stars part of the flag and the white stripes

-For the red stripes I used red spray paint because I already had it

-Next thing you need to do is take the tape off the white stripes and paint them white

-Take the tape off the blue section and paint it blue. I let it dry overnight after this to make sure.

-I printed a picture of a star off the internet, cut the center out, and used it as a stencil.

-I used the stencil to paint the stars over the blue part of the flag.


Total cost: $0 and some labor


Personalized Door Mat

This is one of my favorite things that I’ve made thus far! I really love personalized stuff so I was really excited about making this, and it was pretty easy!

I bought the blank outdoor rug at Wal-Mart. All I did was tape together the stencils to spell out Rowlett and put them on the mat (yes, I know it’s a little off center. Bad judgement on my part) I started out trying to use black spray paint, but it wasn’t working quite as well as I thought it would so I used black acrylic paint in the stencils and then covered over it with black spray paint. And that’s it! It was so easy!

So I’ve had this in front of our front door for almost a year now and it still looks great! It’s been rained on and walked on and it still doing just fine!

Diaper Cake

I guess I’m officially growing up….like seriously growing up…my friends are having babies now…ON PURPOSE! It’s a weird thing when a friend has a baby & you’re not to that stage in your life yet. Not that I don’t want kids, I’m just not married yet and not that financially stable. So one of the guys at the farm that Andrew works with had a baby this morning! Well his wife had a baby this morning. Maddox Grace Jones was welcomed into the world today! I just love all things little girls! I love pink. I love bows. I love clothes. Little girls are fun, right? Well I’m a little last minute on my baby gift, obviously. So I threw together this diaper cake to take to them today! It was actually really really easy and it looks like you put a lot of effort into it!

Here’s What You’ll Need:
-About 70 Diapers. I bought a package of 94 pampers and used over half of the package. You can use any brand of diapers you want, but I would recommend not getting the newborn diapers because they grow out of them so quickly. I used the step 2 diapers, but 3 or even 4 step is good too! You might want to check with the Mother also because she may only want to use organic diapers or cloth or something of that sort
-Cardboard cake platter (You can get them at Walmart in the cake decorating stuff)
-1 8oz or larger bottle of baby lotion or baby shampoo. I used the 15oz bottle of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo
-1 4oz baby bottle (I used the Parent’s Choice single bottle from Walmart)
-Ribbon (Any color you like. I used 1 thick light pink ribbon & thinner pink and white polka dot ribbons)
-1 bow…or ribbon to make a bow
-Rubber bands…some small and some extra extra large
-Any extra decor you would like to add to it like a small stuffed animal, passy, teething ring, etc…

-First place your bottle of lotion or shampoo in the middle of the cake platter
-Start unfolding diapers and rolling them up. Secure the rolled diaper with a rubber band
-Place the rolled diapers on the cake platter around the bottle of lotion and secure them all around the bottle with a large rubber band.
-Do the same for the second row & secure them all around the inner row with a rubber band.
-Your bottom tier should have 3 rows.
-When you have completed all 3 rows on the bottom tier secure the entire tier with ribbon.
-For the middle tier do the exact same thing as before except this time you will only have 2 rows of rolled diapers. I secured this tier with the thicker ribbon because I put the baby’s name on it.
-For the top tier it is easiest to do it on the table and then add it to the whole cake.
-Roll up and secure the diapers as before, place them around the baby bottle and then secure with a rubber band and cover the rubber band with ribbon.
-Place the top tier on the rest of the diaper cake and add any other decorations you want
I told you this was super easy!!

Snowflake Wreath

My sister-in-law, Shanna, gave me a gift card to Hobby Lobby for Christmas and I certainly put it to good use right away! I used my new gift card, which was burning a hole in my wallet, to buy the supplies I needed for this giant snowflake! I am very swift about taking down my Christmas decorations a day or two after Christmas so I couldn’t wait to put something else “wintery” on my door in place of my Deco Mesh Christmas Wreath

Now let me warn your, if your front door is white, this isn’t going to turn out so great. I learned this the hard way. When I saw this on The Ballard Bunch Blog her door was black so the white snowflake really popped and looked awesome! So I made my own, hung it on my white door, went out to the road, and then realized you can barely see the snowflake because it blends right in to the door! I’m really sad about this because I love it so much, but I guess I’m going to give it to my grandparents, whose door is orange….Oklahoma State Cowboys orange that is…we live here in Arkansas and so do they, but both my grandma (who would hate it if she knew I was calling her grandma on here because she is “mom”) and grandad both graduated from OSU.

Here’s What You’ll Need:
-1 package of large craft sticks (like 99 cents at HobLob)
-White paint (also like 99 cents)
-Hot glue gun
-Paint the craft sticks white. (I actually painted mine after I glued it together, either way will work)
-Glue the craft sticks together to form a snowflake. You can use this pattern that I used which is pretty simple or create your own!
-Hang from your door or on a wall or wherever! I hung mine straight from the wreath hanger, but you could also tie a ribbon around the top of it and hang it that way!

Christmas Card Display

Here’s What You’ll Need:
1 wire clothes hanger
1 package of red beads
Clothespins (I bought 2 packages of 50 to be on the safe side, but I didn’t use them all)
Green spray paint

-Spray paint the clothes pins. Make sure to get all the sides. I clipped them around the edge of a cardboard box. It took several coats to really get them green and it took over a day for them to dry.
-Undo the top of the wire hanger. I clipped off the hook part with wire cutters, but now I wish I had left it so I could hang it easier.
-Bend the hanger to form a circle.
-String the clothespins onto the hanger, alternating each one with the beads.
-Reconnect the top of the hanger to close the circle. Since I cut off the hook part it was really hard to get it to stay together. I ended up super glueing it and wrapping duct tape around it.
-Add ribbon or a big bow to the top to cover up the glue/tape.

-The cards just clip right in to the clothespins!

Christmas Ornament Wreath

It took me forever not just to write this blog, but to make the wreath too. The wreath was super easy to make, but I didn’t have ribbon to make the bow like I thought I did so the whole project got put on hold for weeks until I finally remembered to get ribbon!

Start out with a simple wire hanger. Undo the top of the hanger and bend it to form a circle. I actually found this to be kind of difficult so just keep working with it until you get it!

I used kinda medium/small sized ornaments and it takes a whole lot of them! I actually needed more, but decided I was too lazy to go back to the dollar store!

Take the hooks off the ornaments, if they have any, and just string them onto the hanger. Yes, it really is that simple. If the little tops don’t want to stay on just hot glue them on.

Once you get all the balls on, twist the hanger top and hook back together. I used the hanger hook to hang the wreath from my door wreath hanger!

For the bow on the top I just used simple green ribbon. I probably should have done more with the bow, but by this point this project had taken me almost a month to complete so I was just ready to be done! For those of you who don’t know how to make big bubble bows there’s some really good tutorial videos on YouTube! I unfortunately had to learn when I was a kid. My grandparents owned a farm supply and western wear store that had a gift wrapping department. Yep, you guessed it, my 8 year old self was the official bow maker! Haha

So there you have it, a really simple way to make an ornament wreath. If you’re planning on doing this at home make it a little more fancy than mine! That was my original plan! Ohh and don’t forget it takes A LOT of ornaments! Have fun!

Candy Cane Window Decor

Who loves Christmas??? I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! Now as much as I love all things Christmas & Christmas decor, I am a firm believer in waiting until after Thanksgiving to put up a tree or any decorations! I have made several Christmas things in the past month or so, but my decorations didn’t go up until Yesterday! So I saw these candy cane window things in Good Housekeeping and decided to make my own!Now I know the lighting in this picture is really terrible, but this is actually the best I could get it! Anyway though, it’s really cute hanging from any window, this is on my little kitchen window.

-I bought plastic candy canes from the dollar store for this. They came in a package of 6 & I only used 6 of them. I’m sure real candy canes would be just fine also.
-Our city gives us trash bags on a large roll and then ribbons are hanging to the empty plastic center of the roll. I think an empty paper towel roll would work too.
-I’m not sure why my pictures are turning out all discolored, but anyway, all I did was cut the strips of ribbon long enough to double over and be the length that I needed hanging from my window.
-Next I hot glued the ribbon together at the end & let it dry really well.
-After I was sure it was dry and strong I put it on the plastic roll and hot glued the other side so that the ribbon was tight against the roll.
-After I got each ribbon secured to the roll I hot glued it together all the way down so that it looked like one solid piece of ribbon. Be sure to leave a hole at the very bottom for the candy cane to slip through though!
-When I was all finished I just set it on top of the curtain rod already on my window, pulled the ribbons down, & stuck the candy canes on! Super easy & cute!

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