Mom’s Chili


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Doesn’t everybody love their mother’s chili? There are certain things that no one can make quite like your own mother can. My mom, for example, is the George Clooney of spaghetti, yeah, it’s THAT good. Her chili though, it comes in close second. Today I am here to share with you the wonderful chili recipe. Now you can make it for your family, you can even claim it as your own, and they will say “Man, no one makes chili like ___ does!” Enjoy!


You Will Need:

-1lb hamburger meat

-1lb Jimmy Dean sausage

-3 cans tomato sauce

-4 cans chili beans

-2 packets chili seasoning



-In a large skillet brown the hamburger meat and sausage together. Drain grease.

-In a crock pot (what I use) or a LARGE pot combine all the ingredients & stir thoroughly

-You can cook in the crock pot on Low for several hours (I set mine on warm for most of the day & when I get home around 3 I put it on Low until dinner). If you choose the large pot put it on your stove covered on the lowest setting.

-Top with cheese or sour cream or crackers or everything you like.


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