Fresh Strawberry Cake

In my last post I mentioned that it was my Step-Dad’s birthday and that I made a cake for him…this is that cake…better late than never! He actually picked this cake out and it was probably the EASIEST cake in the whole world to make so I was very happy to make his request.

You Will Need:

-1 box yellow cake mix (and ingredients on the box)

-1 tub Cool Whip

-1 carton fresh strawberries


-Make cake according to the box in 2 9″ cake pans

-Let cool completely

-Cut off the top “bubble” off each cake

-Set the first cake on your serving plate cut side up

-Cover top with cool whip

-Place sliced strawberries on top of cool whip

-Take the second cake and place it cut side down on top of the first cake

-Cover with cool whip and strawberries.

The end!


Sprinkled Pudding Cake Batter Cookies

Today is my Step-Dad’s 57th Birthday (He would stroke out if he knew I’m publicly announcing his age lol) so we had a little cook-out for him yesterday. He asked me to make his birthday cake and my mom asked me to also bring some cookies. I didn’t want to make just regular chocolate chip cookies because it was for a birthday so I decided to make these! They are soo good! This recipe makes about 4 dozen cookies and Mom wouldn’t let me take any of the leftover ones home because she wanted them! lol


You Will Need:

-1.5 sticks butter

-3/4 cup light brown sugar

-1 (3.4oz) package of Jello-O Vanilla Instant Pudding (Dry powder)

-3/4 cup yellow cake mix (Not the batter, just the dry mix)

-1 teaspoon vanilla

-2 eggs

-1 teaspoon baking soda

-2 & 1/2 cups flour

-1/2 teaspoon salt




-Preheat oven to 350 degrees

-In a medium bowl mix together flour, salt, and baking soda

-In a large bowl cream together butter, sugar, and brown sugar

-Mix in pudding and cake mix

-Mix in eggs and vanilla

-Beat in flour mix slowly until dough forms

-Mix in sprinkles. There’s no set amount for this, just as much as you want.

-Roll dough into 1″ balls and place on a greased cookie sheet

-Bake for 10-12 minutes

Mexican Cornbread

I have to be honest and admit that I was thoroughly disgusted by this recipe. Just everything about it sounds disgusting. After much pleading from Andrew (it’s on of his favorites) I finally broke down and made it for him. I stand corrected, this is GOOD! I had to play with this recipe a few times to really get it right, so this is now the edited version of the original one I posted!

You Will Need:

-1lb ground beef

-1 chopped onion (or I just used onion powder)

-1 cup corn meal

-1 cup milk

-3/4 teaspoon salt

-1 can creamy corn

-2 eggs

-1/2 cup vegetable oil

-1/2 teaspoon baking soda

-1 4oz can rotel

-2 bags of Mexican blend shredded cheese

– Slices of jalapeno peppers to taste


-Preheat oven to 350 degrees

-Brown ground beef and onions. Drain & set aside

-In a large bowl mix together corn meal, milk, salt, corn, eggs, oil, and baking soda

-Pour half of the batter into a greased baking dish

-Cover batter with meat

-Cover meat with rotel and jalapeno peppers

-Cover with cheese

-Pour over the rest of the batter

-Bake for 45 minutes


Lulu’s Fried Green Tomatoes & WOW Sauce

So who here has been to Gulf Shores & eaten at Lulu Buffet’s restaurant? We go down to the gulf almost every summer for vacation. It’s close to home & it’s nice to get away. Lulu’s is a fantastic “touristy” restaurant down there owned by Jimmy Buffet’s sister. She makes the best fried green tomatoes! Now if you’re a true Southerner then you know that everything is better fried and especially green tomatoes! Fried green tomatoes are exactly what they sound like, tomatoes that are still green and not ripe yet, fried. Lulu’s fried green tomatoes are served with this spicy dipping sauce that is just wonderful! Andrew and I have a huge garden, and I really seriously mean HUGE! It takes up a large portion of our backyard. We have over 20 tomato plants! So now we have several large tomatoes that are still green and Andrew wanted me to attempt the Lulu’s special. If you’re not great at frying, it’s okay, tomatoes are probably one of the easiest things to fry!


WOW Sauce:

-1 cup mayonnaise

-1 Tablespoon Creole mustard

-1Tbs Dijon mustard, 1/2Tbs Worcestershire sauce, splash of hot sauce (Yes, that says “Flaming Coon’s A**” hot sauce)

-1 Tablespoon horseradish

-1 teaspoon minced jalapeno


Fried Green Tomatoes:

-Cut up green tomatoes into round slices. (Yes, that’s one lonely squash that’s going to get fried too)

-In a shallow bowl mix together 3 cups of self-rising flour & 2 Tablespoons Creole seasoning (I didn’t actually measure out the seasoning, I just poured a whole bunch in and it was probably way more that 2 Tbs)

-In another shallow bowl mix together 1 cup of buttermilk and 1/2 cup of milk

-Fill a large frying pan about an inch full of vegetable oil and heat up on low-medium heat.

-Dip the tomatoes slices in the flour mix, then in the milk mix, and then back in the flour until it’s well coated

-Place the battered slices in the hot oil and fry on each side for about 2 minutes

-Let drain/dry on a plate covered with paper towels

This was our dinner last night; steak, fried green tomatoes, and new potatoes (from our garden also) Yummy!

Tips For Altering Recipes To Fit Your Tastes & Pantry

Have you ever found an awesome looking recipe, looked at it, and then realized you don’t have all the ingredients or you’ve never even heard of them? Well you’re not alone. Actually, this happens to me quite frequently. It seems like I’m always missing at least 1 ingredient or there’s an ingredient on there that I’ve never even heard of before! Who cooks with that anyway? Also, more often than not, there’s an ingredient that I just don’t like.


Fret not young cookers! You can nix those ingredients! Well not all of them! Here’s some tips for altering recipes to fit your taste & your pantry!


1.) Obviously, there are some things that you just cant leave out. These things include the basics of a recipe such a flour, butter, eggs, etc.. Now what you can do though is use low-fat butter, whole wheat flour, or egg whites in some cases.

2.)The recipe calls for some crazy ingredient that you’ve never heard of? Leave it out! Unless it’s some crazy recipe to begin with, chances are you’ll never notice that you didn’t use it and it will still taste yummy.

3.) The recipe calls for nuts and like me, you hate nuts? Leave them out! I’m always leaving nuts out of the equation. I don’t like them and a lot of people are allergic to them.

4.)Making sweets and the recipe calls for only a tiny bit of sugar? Add more! The first time you try the recipe just add a little bit more like if it calls for a cup and you don’t think that’s enough, add another 1/2 cup.

5.)Don’t be afraid to substitute things. Calls for chocolate chips and you prefer white chocolate chips? Use those instead. Calls for blueberries and you prefer strawberries? Use those instead. I think you get the idea

6.)Often recipes call for minced onions or garlic. Honestly, who keeps fresh garlic cloves in their pantry all the time? I certainly don’t. I also HATE onions! Like seriously don’t like them. So instead I use onion and garlic powder. They aren’t as strong as the actual onions or garlic so you need to use a little more.

7.)Meats are another easy thing to change. Say your recipe is for stuffed pork chops, you could also do stuffed chicken.

8.) Recipe calls for “freshly grated parmesan cheese” Yeah Right! Parmesan cheese in the package or even the green bottle stuff usually works just the same.


*Got a recipe you want to try, but just can’t figure out how to make it work? Send it to me! I’ll see what I can do with it! You can email it to me at or you can go to the top of the page and click the “Contact” tab and send it to me through the message form!


Whole Wheat Banana Biscuits? Donuts? Cookies? Yummy!

Healthy Healthy Healthy! Yes! Another healthy breakfast recipe! Yay! These are Whole Wheat Banana…biscuits, donuts, cookies? Whatever you want to call them. I’m going to go with biscuits. They’re marvelously delicious! I have a very unhealthy obsession with bananas. I love them! I also love anything with bananas in it. My go to lunch option is crunchy peanut butter and banana slices on whole wheat bread! The original recipe put nuts in these, but I do not like nuts. It also cut out holes in the middle to make them donuts, but I was in a hurry and that was too much extra work. They are sooo yummy! Kinda like banana nut bread, but not as strong. They’re just good. Plain and simple. And Healthy!


You Will Need:

-2 bananas

-2 egg whites

-1 Tablespoon vegetable oil

-1 cup light brown sugar

-1.5 cups all-purpose flour

-3/4 cup whole wheat flour

-2 teaspoons baking powder

-1/2 teaspoon baking soda



-Preheat oven to 425 degrees and grease a cookie sheet

-In a large bowl mash up the 2 bananas (You don’t have to mash them completely, they will get mixed in)

-Beat in egg whites, oil, and brown sugar

-Mix in both flours, baking powder, and baking soda until well mixed

-Let dough sit for 5 minutes to rise

-Scoop out big spoonfuls onto the cookie sheet (If you want to make them donuts use a knife to cut out the centers)

-Bake for 7-10 minutes (I have a convection oven so I baked for 7 minutes. They will be golden brown around the edges)


Whole Wheat Oatmeal Blueberry Muffins…Low-Fat Too!

Yes, you read that right, I made something healthy & low-fat *insert ooh’s and ahh’s here…and the shocked gasp from my mother* Andrew’s a farmer, I believe I’ve mentioned that a time or two, so during the summer he does a lot of hard manual labor in the hot Southern sun. Therefore, this time of the year, he likes healthy & light food. Healthy so that he doesn’t gain a lot of weight when he has to be working so hard & light so that he doesn’t get sick to his stomach out in the sun all day. Trust me, he has thrown up cereal multiple times. Anyway though, these muffins are healthy, low-fat, and light!


You Will Need:

-1.5 cups uncooked oatmeal

-1 cup nonfat milk

-1/2 cup unsweetened apple sauce

-1 egg

-2/3 cup light brown sugar

-1/2 teaspoon vanilla

-1/2 cup all-purpose flour

-1/2 cup whole wheat flour

-1 teaspoon baking soda

-1 teaspoon baking powder

-1/2 teaspoon salt

-1 cup blueberries



-Preheat oven to 375 degrees and grease muffin sheet or use muffin liners

-In a small bowl mix together oatmeal and milk. (If you have a food processor I would probably run the oatmeal through it. Andrew liked the taste of these muffins, but he wasn’t a fan of the oatmeal texture.)

-In a large bowl mix together applesauce, egg, brown sugar, and vanilla

-Beat in oatmeal mixture

-Add both flours, baking soda, baking powder, and salt until just mixed in.

-Gently stir in blueberries

-Pour into muffin pan (3/4 full)

-Bake for 15 minutes (I have a convection oven so probably a little longer if you have a conventional oven)

A little picture of the inside ^ Yummy!

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