Dr. Seuss Cookies

So I saw these fabulous Dr. Seuss cookies on Pinterest & you can find the original recipe here. I altered the recipe a little because I was in a super big hurry! I put them in the oven at 12pm and I was supposed to be somewhere at 12pm! Lol

Here’s What You’ll Need:
-1 package of sugar cookie dough, any kind you like (I used the Pillsbury kind that is in a roll)
-Food coloring, several colors (I used red, green, blue, & yellow but pastel colors were in the original and they are sooo cute!)
-Rainbow sprinkles (I didn’t use the sprinkles because I was in a super big hurry)

-Preheat oven to 350 degrees
-Separate the cookie dough evenly into small bowls
-Add a different color of food coloring into each bowl
-Stir up the dough and coloring until all the dough is colored
-Take a dime sized piece of each dough and roll it into a small ball
-Put all the balls together and roll together into a large ball
-Roll the large ball out into a long cylinder
-Coil the cylinder around itself & place on greased cookie sheet
-If you’d like you can roll the edges in the sprinkles
-After all the dough has been used up and on the cookie sheet bake for about 10 minutes


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